The world of DC Comics is full of fun and interesting characters, ranging from noble superheroes to maniacal villains and everything in between. The shared universe has managed to incorporate a wide
A social-media video that captures a small dog's sadness at not having any other canines to play with at a dog park has broken hearts across the internet.The viral video, viewed by more than 2.7
Cruise self-driving cars were fully operating in Houston for about two weeks in October, but that stopped after questions about how safe the General Motors-owned company actually is.The California
Seeing as how people died in the fictional show, it's only right that the reality version makes a few changes. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the biggest
Credit: SWNS / Collab / @‌winterwolf_sr This person waves her hand and is able to call a squirrel over to her.
The world’s oceans may be vast, but they are getting crowded. Coastal areas are congested with cargo ships, international commercial fishing fleets, naval vessels, oil rigs and, soon, floating
Joe Dante is the quirky director responsible for genre gems like Gremlins, The Howling, Innerspace, and The 'Burbs. He was on fire in the '80s, serving up a string of live-action features that have
A new procedure to treat patients with an enlarged prostate is now available in the south west.Musgrove Park Hospital, in Taunton, has become the first in the region to offer patients the state-of
The Karate Kid trilogy was an iconic part of the '80s, filled with cool karate action sequences, excellent training montages, and featuring one of the most important mentor/mentee relationships in
There's nothing better than putting your feet up and chilling out after a long, hard week. That certainly rings true for Magnus, a Labrador who has gone viral for doing exactly that on TikTok. During
Shipbuilder Meyer Turku recently provided Royal Caribbean with what has been called the world’s largest cruise liner. The transfer of ownership of the massive ship happened on Monday, with the
The last year of the Rosenthal family's lives has been their worst ever.The Dublin family had just purchased Peppino's Tomato Pies on West Butler Avenue in
BISSELL Pet Foundation is hoping to "Empty the Shelters" this holiday season from December 1 - 17.The foundation sponsors reduced adoption fees so shelters can charge $50 or less to take pets from
A San Francisco biotech firm has created a drug that can make your dog live longer - and humans are the next step in their groundbreaking life longevity research.
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The “Beaver Moon,” also sometimes called the “Frost” or “Snow” moon, will appear on the morning of Nov. 27. Here’s what you need to know about this November full moon.
Brand-new research says there's no link between COVID-19 vaccinations and "unexplained sudden deaths."The findings by the Indian Council of Medical Research also
A baby who was left alone in the woods just one hour after she was born now has a forever family — thanks to deputies and residents who brought the child to safety nearly a year ago.As of Wednesday,


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